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Don't you think the world's ugly sometimes?

With all these sins running around, from person to person. It's frightening.

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Birthdate:Jul 7
Location:Sydney, NSW, Australia

Arisa here! Graduated from MGHS '09.
A NEWS, ARASHI and KAT-TUN fan. Any enquiries please email me on


If you want to be my friend before you add me please leave me a comment or a PM. Most of my entries are public but there are some that are friends only because I have things that are I'd like to keep private XD Ja, yoroshiku!


Want to buy stuff from YA!J? Please email me at I will do it for a small fee~
Any pre-orders please go over to [info]soranohohoemi
NEWS Translation Index? Over at [info]newstranslation
NEWS Community? Over at [info]news_jpop
KAT-TUN Community? Over at [info]kattunlove
ARASHI Community? Over at [info]arashi_on or [info]a_ra_shi
JDramas? Over at [info]jdramas or [info]ourhour or [info]asian_doramas


Currently watching: Freeter, Ie wo Kau - Juui Dolittle - Q10 - SPEC
If there are dramas that you think that I might like just let me know! Of course I will take a look at the sypnosis first before trying to watch it. Usually any JE dramas will get me hooked XD

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